Coming Soon: Exhibition at Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts

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Jon Keenan: New Work in Ceramics

Beato Gallery

Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts

Opening Reception Saturday, March 10, 3-5 pm

Show runs Saturday, March 10 - Sunday, April 22


Clay and Fire

Saturday and Sunday, March 10 and 11, 11-5

This 2-day workshop will explore traditional and contemporary handbuilding approaches in ceramics and raku firing. In the studio, instruction on a range of hands-on techniques will allow participants to make their own unique forms in clay; experimentation and play being encouraged. We will go beyond technique to examine inspiration, and how and why we create meaning in our work. Participants will be given pre-bisqued slab forms/tiles to design with glazes, oxides, lusters, pattern and imagery, which we will ‘raku’ fire. This workshop will include idea generation, collaboration, discussions, and slide presentations on traditional and modern ceramics and kilns of Japan and Nepal.

Learn more about the Center here: http://beatricewood.com/index.html

Eros of Stone

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Except from "Eros of Stone"

A collaborative work by Milo Eden and Jon Keenan

Encountering Gorkha, Nepal: Before and After

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Click here to read the full pdf article.

Breaking the Mold

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A Collaborative Exhibition of Ceramics with Tokyo University of the Arts.

Marian Graves Mugar Art Gallery
Colby-Sawyer College
September 19 - November 1
Monday-Friday 9 am - 5 pm

Vineet Kacker

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Vineet Kacker: Speaking in Clay Sutras.
An article by Jon Keenan.


An Invitation

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Gorkha, Nepal

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Return trip to Nepal planned for January 2-18, 2016 to provide earthquake relief.

A Return to Maya, the Film

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Click here to view the film!

Please share it on your personal Facebook pages if you'd like. Get it out there so that more people can be part of the experience!

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